smelly vagina, white sticky discharge

I am thinking I may have a yeast infection but I don't really know for sure.
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2019-05-09 17:36:13

Good afternoon. We are enchanted that you have contacted us. It is possible that there is an infection that must be determined by the causal agent to be able to treat it. For that, it is necessary to know your age, menstrual cycle, if you have a couple, last cytology and what treatment you are fulfilling. In this way the differential diagnosis and behavior can be carried out it is important that you send us all the necessary information to help you solve your health problem. Wortix is a comprehensive health service at your disposal always. Respond with your confirmation of being interested in solving your medical problem and we will send you options about the specialists who could see your case so that you can choose one and continue your care process. Since we are taking the time of a guaranteed professional physician with years of experience, you must take into account that it would cost (from $ 5 dollars or equivalent), depending on the time needed and the specialist doctor who is looking at the case, but you can authorize each step in this process, in wortix we communicate your options and you decide. The communication with a doctor can be by chat or by video-call, if you prefer to choose the doctor you can also do it online, you will also have access to other benefits such as, the registration of your online digital medical record totally available for doctors who require it without having to constantly remember important data. Also, you will have access to specialized health programs. In addition, we will help you manage your medications, perform radiology or laboratory tests, and if necessary, use one of the clinics affiliated with our health network. Remember that health problems if treated early do not generate complications and may even reach a cure, but if not examined by a doctor at the right time the improvement is not guaranteed in the estimated time. Our first and foremost interest is the health of our patients. Please confirm by replying to this message (in wortix or by email to to take the next step, you do not have to give us any personal information and there is no obligation to pay. We only seek to work with people who have a real interest in improving their health. Waiting for your next contact!

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